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Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht

„The fear of losing control“ – Interview with Patrick Ness

In the fantasy drama film „A Monster calls“ a young boy named Connor is frequently visited by a monster that tells him stories connected to his difficult situation in reality: His mother is slowly dying of cancer. The cinematic release is based on the novel with the same name. We had the chance to talk to the author and screenwriter Patrick Ness about his...

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Sleepless in Reykjavík – An interview with Sóley

Sóley’s third album “Endless Summer” raises questions. After her dreamy debut “We Sink” and the almost depressive “Ask the Deep” we began thinking she can’t surprise us anymore - but then she suddenly does the unthinkable: creating cheerful music. At least that’s what she claims. Scenic lyrics are still combined with the piano and a remarkable voice. Apart from that she did not only...

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Angry White Men – Donald Trump’s Silent Majority

by Nicholas Babakitis. Donald Trump's elevation to the highest office in the United States came to most in the United States and abroad as a shock to the current political establishment. A view into, as sociologist Michael Kimmel has named them, America's 'Angry White Men' shows that this decade long strain of frustration brewing among America's self-endowed heirs to the American Dream laid...

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